New smallest Surface Mount Relay with high RF Performance


Sanyu has released the smallest surface mount relay,

which is the successor of 2R series with High Frequency capability.

Package size:  5.95mm (L) x 3.81mm (W) x 3.6mm (H)

This new 2H WJ series is suitable for the ATE, telecommunications and wireless markets,

which require higher frequency and high density arrangement.


LINK: 2H WJ Series

New 4 Form A SMT Relay


Sanyu has released for the multi-pole surface mount relay.

The 1H-4A series is configured in small surface mount package with 4 channels.

Inside, each channel has 50Ω coaxial shield and superior RF performance.

This 4FormA configuration will also provide you higher DC current capability.


LINK: 1H-4Ax8G

New Ultra Density Form C Relay For DC Applications


The 104E-1T 1FormC(A+B) small package SIP series added new DC relay.  With “High Contact Rate”, “High Reliability” in small package, this DC Performance relay reduces pins and internal shield to optimize for DC applications.  Similar to the other 104E family, Magnetic Shield is a standard feature in this series and helps high-density small mounting area.- 10W Contact Rate / 100VDC Switching
– 11.43mm x 3.81mm Mounting Area
– Standard Magnetic Sheild

LINK: 104E-1Tx0N2

New High Density Form C in High Temperature Operating Product Line


In order to meet high density market demand, 1 Form C (SPDT) relay has been added to 6D high temperature operating series.
Since SPDT contact form allows double the density in tree-circuit.
Suitable for Load board applications and high density switching matrix.- SPDT High Density
– 5V and 12V Coil available
– Required Mounting Space: 5.08mm x 5.08mm
– Magnetic Shield

LINK: 6D-1Cx0N0-52